Why Investors would Choose Lear Capital or Patriot Gold Group?

Lear Capital and Patriot Gold Group are two prominent names in precious metals investment that often make headlines: both companies specialize in investing precious metals such as gold and silver for investors looking to diversify their portfolio by adding precious metals into it. As part of making an informed decision when adding precious metals investments into one's portfolio, selecting an optimal company is of crucial importance - this article offers a comparative analysis between Lear Capital and Patriot Gold Group to assist this goal.

Company Overview

Lear Capital was established in 1997, and since that time has become one of the leaders of precious metals investments. They specialize in selling gold and silver coins and bullion to investors as investments; furthermore, they also provide Precious Metals IRA accounts which enable individuals to store physical gold and silver within self-directed IRA accounts.

Patriot Gold Group, established in 1986, has a longer presence in the industry compared to Lear Capital. Like Lear, Patriot Gold Group offers precious metal coins and bullion as well as providing Precious Metal IRA accounts.

Product Offerings

Lear Capital's selection of offerings spans gold coins, gold bullion bars and silver coins/bullion bars as well as government issued, and private mint coins tailored specifically towards different investment preferences.

Patriot Gold Group also provides similar products as Lear; however, their focus is more heavily on American-made coins and bullion which could prove valuable for investors interested in investing exclusively in American precious metals.

Customer Service

Lear Capital has become widely renowned for their comprehensive market information and guides that enable investors to make smart financial decisions. Their customer service representatives tend to be knowledgeable and helpful; however, some customers have reported aggressive sales tactics which may put off some investors.

Patriot Gold Group takes great pride in offering personalized customer service, assigning each client with their own account executive for seamless communication throughout their investment journey. Their company has earned praise from clients due to their friendly yet informative customer support approach.

Fees and Pricing

Lear Capital's fee structure can be complex. They charge commission for purchases as well as additional storage and management charges to manage an IRA for precious metals investments. Some customers have complained about Lear Capital being less transparent in its pricing methods.

Patriot Gold Group stands out with their transparent and competitive fee structure, such as no long-term fees on qualifying IRAs and competitive pricing for coins and bullion investments in the market.

Reputation and Ratings

Lear Capital receives mixed reviews online; while some customers were happy with their investment experience, others reported concerns with sales tactics or fee transparency issues. Overall though, Lear enjoys good standing among industry watchdogs.

Patriot Gold Group generally receives positive reviews from customers and maintains a solid standing among industry watchdogs. Customers regularly praise Patriot Gold Group for its excellent customer service and fair prices.


Both Lear Capital and Patriot Gold Group offer valuable services for investors seeking to diversify into precious metals investments. While Lear Capital may provide access to more products, Patriot Gold Group could be ideal if you prioritize personalized customer service and transparent pricing.

Before investing, individuals should conduct rigorous research and seek professional advice before making their choice. Comparative analysis should serve as the starting point in finding which company best matches up with individual investment goals and preferences. Rare Metal blog provides thorough Roth gold IRA reviews for all companies.